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About Kooball

My name is Kooball and I am the author of this blog. My penguin’s name is Kooball and I have 12 puffles. My favorite server on Club Penguin is Ice-age and Tuxedo in America. If the server is full, I sometimes go on Belly Slide in Canada.


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Hello penguins! I’m Tanuki I and I’m a new author for this weblog. I like to play on Club Penguin. My favorite severs are North Pole, Canada and Belly Slide, United Kingdom. I have three penguins which their names are Tanuki I, Coffee 25, and I Ninja I. Tanuki I is my oldest and his first pin was the pumpkin. I’ll be posting news and other fun things about Club Penguin so yeah.

Here’s a picture of me:

Happy Holidays,

Tanuki I


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