Just Because

Just because I’m bored I’ll post this. Delete this post if you want Harry. I won’t get mad or anything. I just need something to do. LOL. Well, this blog (https://harry8876.wordpress.com/) has been doing good for a new one. Here are some stats I’ve got for viewers.

Total Views: 240

Best Day Ever: 70

Whoa! Our total is already gone past 200! I think if we post at least once a day, we’ll be at 1,000 in no time! Our best day is 70! Yeah! That’s pretty good, but lets try to break that record soon. I think 100 hits a day will be a good goal for now. I think Harry would like to have a party if we get to 1000 hits total or 100 in a day (she loves parties). Sooooo, lets all try to view this site more and hopefully Harry will throw in a party for us (and her)!

In other news, the new clothing catalog and wig catalog has come out! Also the 50th pin (a snow shovel) has come out! I’ll let Harry post about it because I think it’ll be fun for her to do the catalogs. Billybob posted a new thing on his blog at: http://blog.clubpenguin.com/ so make sure to check that out too.

Well, I guess that’s all for now so see you guys later,

Tanuki I


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  1. Tanuki I

    this is bad… lucka, jim, sk8er, kayla, and robert are all un usable now. 😦 i still have one rare account at least, tanuki i! 😛

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