ct101 is new here at my weblog, and shes my friend.  i know her in real life, so please welcome her to this blog.  WELCOME CT101!!!!! ok anyways, i have been waiting for the black sweatshirt for ever.  i finally got it, and the green 1.  yeah ummmmmm  i had a sleepover with my best friend and shes playing with my new camera i got for christmas, maybe ill even put 1 of my videos on my blog.  ok lol                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



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11 responses to “Ct101

  1. Tanuki I

    cool. is she an author?

  2. harry8876

    no not yet

  3. Tanuki I

    go on your chat box if you can.

  4. harry8876

    heehee my new avatar

  5. Tanuki I

    now i see it. 😛

  6. harry8876

    I? kewl 😀

  7. harry8876

    me new avatar 😆

  8. harry8876

    me new avatar:lol:

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