Stuff :D


I got my widgets fixed  J

Wish Tanuki I good luck on his test- GOOD LUCK TANUKI I!!!!!!

New surprise page coming soon!!

New newspaper in club penguin- new play at the stage, fiesta-val, the 2 new wigs, and the storage box furniture thingy for members is getting organized!!!  Im soo excited.  Finally I can actually find my stuff.  Well gonna soon.  Lol 

January 11th: New play at the stage 

January 18th:  Fiesta Party begins


New furniture catalog


New pin hidden



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6 responses to “Stuff :D

  1. harry8876

    good luck tanuki i!!

  2. harry8876

    idk…. tanuki i knows (i think)

  3. Tanuki I

    hey thanks!!! its a japanese test. i have to write the kanjis and stuff.

  4. Tanuki I

    oh btw, bb was asking what your site was to put on the blogroll. i thought u should tell her since it’s your prize. 😛

  5. mr bigman

    go to my site and can you say a comment and if you like it can u put me on ur blogroll

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