Some Answers

Here are the answers to some of the questions I asked Club Penguin. Don’t mind the last part because that’s about unbanning Tundra monk.

Hi there,

Thanks for your great questions!

1. The second exit from the Stage is hidden behind one of the curtains. It is only necessary to use for the biggest productions at the Stage!

(Why does the Stage have two entries and only one exit?)

2. Club Penguin is positioned in such a unique location that trees are able to grow freely! It’s very exciting for penguins as trees always provide a more interesting environment.

(How come the South Pole can grow trees?)

3. Before Captain Rockhopper returned from his initial and very lengthy voyage from Club Penguin, the Beacon was never used. It wasn’t until word of his return reached Club Penguin that penguins worked together to provide a light for him to return home. It would have been almost impossible for him to make out the island of Club Penguin in comparison to all the others without the help of the Lighthouse.

(Why does Club Penguin have a lighthouse when there is no night?)

Unfortunately, we are unable to discuss penguin accounts that are not directly related to yours. We do appreciate your concern though.

Please feel free to respond with any further questions, concerns or ideas. We are happy to help!


Club Penguin Support


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