3 mods

Highlite>>>>> these r three mods.  im pretty sure that the 1 in the middle for both pics is rsnail, but idk about the other 2. i think there gizmo and billybob.

his chatbox is http://xat.com/Rocketsnail



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8 responses to “3 mods

  1. where did u get these pictures exactly…?

  2. sonic30132

    from him? whos him! him is the antecedent of who?!

  3. sonic30132

    which one is rsnail? and HOW do u know rsnail!?

  4. sonic30132

    OMG ITS TRUE! i did some research and heres what I found: Billybob is in the middle,rsnail on the left, and gizmo on the right! i googled club penguin moderators on images and on the 2nd page there is the pics!

  5. sonic30132

    http://farm1.static.flickr.com/187/481048586_1a4d3d34aa.jpg?v=0 heres another picture of billybob also known as lane

  6. harry8876

    those pics r true, but the rsnail i was talking to was faake.

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