My Membership

My Membership expires in 2 days.  😦  but lucky me, im just in time for the new catalog.  and tanuki, now im son gonna be with you in non-members. 



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7 responses to “My Membership

  1. sheesh, the only of my good penguin friends i can recall being a member now is maddie, sponge, and zack. To tell the truth I feel like everyone seems to be drifting away from Club Penguin, which is only natural. As for me I seem to not get as bored as easily :mrgreen:

  2. harry8876

    well, im not drifting away. im just gonna be a non-member 😀

  3. kaa that can work. just saying though that the way things seem to be going between everyone, someone’s gonna end up dropping out sooner or later.

  4. saaary to tell u this but sponge isnt a member either. 😛

  5. harry8876

    ya i noticed.

  6. oh sheesh. then maddie and zack are the only ones!

  7. sonic30132

    im a member

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