who r u rooting for?

well, for tomorrow, super bowl sunday, i personally am rooting for the ny giants.  sure the patriots r good (not really), but giants r so gonna beat them!  so who ru rooting for? im from ny, so giants r for me. 



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5 responses to “who r u rooting for?

  1. harry8876

    they r the best team eva!
    pats- idk about them
    but still.
    pats, don’t worry when
    u lose!
    giants will win! don’t worry
    giants fans!

  2. frosty1297

    Patriots rock. And you know it. And lol ther eprobally not gonna win; the pats; cause everyoen except a few crazy ppl r routing for them. just got to wait and see

  3. Californialuver

    Patriots rock and rule and ya’ll know it.
    Patriots are gonna kick the Giant’s butt!
    You’ll see!

  4. well too bad the giants won.

  5. harry8876

    yup. hehe of and californialuver, giants won. 😉

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