Freaky but cool

ok this thing is sooooooooo cool.

heres the dierctions-

  1. Pick any 2 didgit #
  2. Add the 2 #’s up in the # you chose. for example, if you chose 14 add 1+4
  3. subcract your answer from the first 2 digit # you chose
  4. look for that # on the chart
  5. look at the symbol
  6. get it in your mind
  7. click on the crystal ball
  8. it will read your mind!

this thing is freaky but cool.


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One response to “Freaky but cool

  1. oh that… i had to do a whole speech to my classmates on how it works.. simple i should say. 😛

    any 2 digit number when is subtracted by the sum of the digits will get a multiple of nine.

    EX: 12: 1+2=3, 12-3=9. MULTIPLE OF NINE.
    EX: 32: 3+2=5, 32-5=27. MULTIPLE OF NINE.

    now the tricky part is that all of the multiples of nine has the same symbol.

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