Header Contest Winner

Well, only one person made a header.  I don’t mind, but that person was……



Here are your prize chioces- Blogroll, Chatbox mod, Pixel Penguin, More cows, New Page, More of the little widgets i put up today.  (Like the animal abuse, would you eat me?, and starbucks)

Anyway, have you noticed the new widgets I put up?  Tanuki, looooooook really closley at one.  lol

And- Tanuki’s header looks really cool.  I like it 😛




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4 responses to “Header Contest Winner

  1. Tanuki I

    ooooh! i want more of those flashy widgets!

  2. Tanuki I

    yay glitter graphics even has a few raccoon ones!

  3. harry8876

    really?!?!? ill put them in!!!!!

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