News Paper

The news paper has been released late last night. Here are some of the important updates:

rh w

It talks about Rockhopper and the ship construction. The construction should start soon so be watching out!


Then it talks about the book in the Book Room being delayed. I don’t really care because I never actually read any of them. It also said that there was an older kid version and a little kid version so that any age can enjoy.


Be watching out in the Sport Catalog because the new “Gray Fish Catching Item” will be coming out!


Well here are the events. Sorry I was too lazy to rewrite them. Just makes my job easy!

Well that’s about it! Lots of new stuff are coming out in CP so March should be a good month. Cya!!!

Tanuki I



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7 responses to “News Paper

  1. harry8876

    oh thanks tanuki!
    i totally forgot about the new newspaper, i had alot of stuff going on at school. i’m excited about the party

  2. cptag

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  3. Tanuki I

    the party isnt until the 14 or the 21 harry. 😛

  4. harry8876

    ya, i know. im still excited

  5. waddy28

    Hey this is Waddy28 from
    I was wondering if you could put me on your blogroll. If you do, I will put you on my blogroll, also.

  6. harry8876

    wow, people like my site: and sure ill put u on my blogroll.

  7. ruthrose8

    harry c-c-can i be an auther

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