March Catalog

The March Catalog is here! There are a lot of items being brought back, but a few new ones have been made. Lets take a look:



This item is all new! It is pot of gold which goes around your hand. Similar to the pumpkin basket in October.


The brown fedora hat is being re-sold. It came out quite a while ago, but Cp has finally brought them back. Make sure to get them because they’re pretty rare.


This may shock you, but it’s quite true. The blue and red sunglasses have returned. These are basically as rare as the hat above.



Click the white admiral jacket for the green snorcle. Same as last time.


Click the pearl necklase for the red viking helmet. Do it a total of 4 times for the blue viking helmet.



There are two brand new backgrounds. These are the bamboo forest and the sunflower ones. Make sure to get them because they don’t come back back for a while once they’re gone!

Since I’m on my other computer without spell check, I may have spelled a few, OK a lot of words incorrecly. Please just ignore them like they are spelled correctly. In the morning I will go over each word for errors. Thanks for your patience.

Tanuki I



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2 responses to “March Catalog

  1. harry8876

    personally, i hate it when they bring back old items……

  2. harry8876

    oh and thx for posting it for me!

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