i just think thats too cute!!!!!!!!  It’s one of my widgets for the Glitter-Graphics.   frogs.  heh!




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8 responses to “TO CUTE

  1. harry8876

    cute!! i can’t resist it. how about you guys?????

  2. harry8876

    uh? UH? UH?!?!?!??!?!? THATS ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR MY TOTALLY AWEOSME FROGS????? gushers. lol

  3. Tanuki I

    ya thats all

  4. harry8876

    =O gushers. lol

  5. Tanuki I

    are u irish harry?

  6. harry8876

    gushers. yeah i’m irish. not irishbest, i’m irish. and acnadian, american. etc.

  7. Tanuki I

    kooball was just wondering about that sidebar thing… u know.

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