A school program getting in the way

Ok- there’s this school program that i wanted to do, and i’m doing it.  although, I won’t be home until later, like in my time 4:30-5:30 PM.  So I can’t check comments post make posts, and all that junk.  GUSHERS.  that’s also my new word.  So tanuki, can you take over from now on during those times?  if you can, just let me know. 





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6 responses to “A school program getting in the way

  1. Tanuki I

    program? u mean project?


    ill take over 😛

  2. harry8876

    no, its called afterschool PROGRAM. and thx

  3. Tanuki I

    WAIT! 5:30 is only 3:30 so i wont be at home 😛 ill try to check as much in the morning and at night.

  4. harry8876

    oh. uh then maybe ill hire another worker…..! maybe pear. lol idk, my otherr workers barley even post

  5. harry8876

    except for you tanuki

  6. Tanuki I


    the only reason i dont post for you all the time is that i have pear, sponge, doo, koo, and u to post for. 😛

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