Today at the Dojo on the server Mammoth, there was a flying party. If you come on club penguin tomorrow at 4 pm on penguin time on the server belly slide third flag, kooball will have a party! Hope you can come!




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4 responses to “Party

  1. Hello, I am cpmonster. I like to spam on everybodys weblog just so I can get my stinkin old hits! so harry8876 can i spam on ur site like i do on everybodie elses? NO YOU MAY NOT CP! ugh stupid spammer

    (harry edtied this comment :P)

  2. Tanuki I

    lol kooball forgot. luckily no one came of what i know.

  3. harry8876

    srry i didnt make it kooball!

  4. harry8876

    OH lol!

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