Hi, I have news. 

Well, I’m going on a trip to a hotel in Virginia and will be back later on tomorrow.  I will be leaving at 11:00AM  in my time.  So Tanuki I, that would be….. 8:00 for you?  I will inform you when I get back.   There might even be computers at the hotel!  I’m going with my friend and my bro is bringing his friend that is in love with my friend=not a good match. lol!


Also, sorry I haven’t updated the totw latley.  i’ve been really busy latley and haven’t had time.  but now i did have time and just did it!  you might have to do some research on the bonus question because its one of  my fav ppl….. lol!



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2 responses to “Vaca/T.O.T.W

  1. SAY it on the TOTW!!!

    i edited it

  2. Tanuki I

    lol i woke up at 8:05 in my time 😛

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