hey guys its me harry.  well, i made another account called caniac12.  I am a huge fan of the carolina hurricanes so i just felt like making that account.  lol, so now i made caniac working here as an administrator.  i will also be using both accounts to do posts, totw, upgrade, cp, etc.  idc if you call me harry or caniac.  tanukii was the first one to figure out that i was harry on bb’s blog. 

    if any of you like or know the hurricanes, whose your favorite player?  anyway, for this account as you see i had to make another blog.  i made it if you would like to go there.  i will be making a runescape and a cp account if i can.  i just actually thought of that so i’ll get started.

im also back from the beach if any of you have noticed.  lol im going back to the beach next weekend with our friends from new york.  yes, i know this post is kinda long but still oh well.

eventually i will change the theme to the one on caniac’s blog. i like it. 





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9 responses to “caniac12

  1. Tanuki I

    this is off topic, but u deleted ur fantage site… 😥

  2. caniac12

    i know. i’ll maybe make another. MAYBE

  3. Tanuki I

    alternatively, you could join mine. 😛

  4. Tanuki I

    kk. i think i might make a blogger export file and upload it to wp because i dont seem to get many hits on blogger. =\

  5. Tanuki I

    chat box sound good?

  6. caniac12

    who mine or bb’s?

  7. Tanuki I

    lol either way ur gone now. 😛

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