Can you guess?

Can you guess what song this part is from?


“Our song is slammin screen door,

sneakin out late tappin on your window,

when you’re on the phone and you talk real slow,

cuz it’s late and your momma dont know,

our song is the way you laugh,

the first statement and i kissed her when i shouldhave,”…

and the rest of the song.


I wil now have contests from parts of songs.  whoever wins, one winner, gets chatbox mod, contributar, (worker,) pix penguin, more cows. i will have more prizes soon, hopefully.






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8 responses to “Can you guess?

  1. eh, “Our Song” by Taylor Swift?

  2. Tanuki I

    oh that country song koo likes. yeah ive heard it a hundred times before. dunno what its called tho.

  3. Tanuki I

    wow… harley knows some how?

  4. Tanuki I

    ahhh harry u have 5.999 hits!

  5. harry8876

    wooo now 6003!

  6. harry8876

    CORRECT!!! sorry i wasnt logged in so Harley got it : )

  7. ruthrose8

    our song!i just listened to it like two minutes ago!

  8. Tanuki I

    the contest is over…

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