Like It?

Hey Guys!

Like my new header?  I also will eventually be making a new avtar. 

I see that Harley 23 won my song contest!  The answer was….. “Our Song”  By Taylor Swift.

Congradulations Harley!!

Also, I just noticed that I work for Feather!  I just like to call her feather. 

Also, unfourtinatley, I’m going on a huge field trip for my grade on Thursday morning, like 5 am until Friday at like 9 pm.  so i wont be here those two days.  sorry.  but im still gonna have fun!



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One response to “Like It?

  1. kewl i won :mrgreen:
    awesome header
    and yeah feather once again hasn’t been posting lately, so you and I might as well take care of it for her
    and kewl you get to go on a fieltrip, pretty big by the look of 1 night staying. Unfortunately i dont get to do that kinda stuff.

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