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im sorry….

hi guys.  well im really sorry i haven’t been on here latley.  well i’ve had soccer games, practice, swim practice, afterschool… EOG’s… and im super tired right now.  please forgive me about this…. im really sorry.  im kinda taking a break so everyone who works here, can you take care of the site? im not quitting… just taking a break for amaybe a week or 3… idk.


o.O harry

oh and rr…. im a girl



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ok so the new item is a red drilling hat and like tanuki said…when will harry be on!Q?come to think of it i havnt seen him in a while ithink well so ya ok look at the pic at the bottum……………..














































































































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guiss wat dudes and dudets i work here now and i dont think harry  knows but harry if u wanna know why ask tanuki…….yay!


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1/5 done!

well, i have 1/5 done of my EOG testing!  now i have the math….. its soo boring

i fell asleep >.<  but my teacher let us, so yah.


welllllllllllllll my bro is turning 13 on… this week lol

so he’s having a huge party it will be so awesome


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I need more hits…

I really need more hits!


So, to help, I want all of


You to start advertising throughout

Other web blogs like cpmac, etc.


It would annoy them if we did


That…. But advertise wherever

You really want.  Also, I’m going

To have a huge test called the

EOG’s, which stands for End of

Grade.  It’s in maybe about 1 ½

Weeks, so please wish me luck.  If


I don’t pass, then I don’t go to

My next grade.






__555___555arry >.<



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soooo sorry

hi guys im soooo sorry i haven’t been on…. i got grounded from the comp…. =(  but i had to do hw on the comp so i decided to get on

well anywways, just wanted to say that.  did ya like my dumb blonde jokes???? 😉


-harry the awesome =)


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do you like….


A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are running from the cops. They hide on a potato farm. They crawl into some potato bags. The first cop pokes the bag with the brunette in it. She says, “Meow.” The cop confirms that it is just a cat. The second cop pokes the bag with the redhead in it. She says, “Woof.” The cop says that it is just a dog. The third cop pokes the bag with the blonde in it. She says in her sweetest voice, “Potato.”

There is a brunette and a blonde hanging over the edge of a cliff off a piece of rope. They realize that the rope will break if one of them doesn’t let go and they will both fall to their deaths. The brunette starts this big heartwarming speech about how she is going to sacrifice herself. At the end of the speech the blonde starts clapping

What did the blonde say when she saw the sign in front of the YMCA?

“Look! They spelled MACY’S wrong.”



I added a new page, it’s the dumb blonde jokes page.  I have alot more on there.  You don’t have to read them.  But heres a way to keep a blonde busy for hours. 

Scroll Down

Scroll Up



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