I need more hits…

I really need more hits!


So, to help, I want all of


You to start advertising throughout

Other web blogs like cpmac, etc.


It would annoy them if we did


That…. But advertise wherever

You really want.  Also, I’m going

To have a huge test called the

EOG’s, which stands for End of

Grade.  It’s in maybe about 1 ½

Weeks, so please wish me luck.  If


I don’t pass, then I don’t go to

My next grade.






__555___555arry >.<




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10 responses to “I need more hits…

  1. tanukii25

    stay in 5th grade! XD

  2. tanukii25

    the blog hits cycle:

    u post = more hits

    u dont post = less hits.

    its that simple.

  3. harry8876

    i hate you =(
    i dont wanna stay in 5th…. I HATE IT

  4. harry8876

    oops lol no smiley lol
    more like

  5. tanukii25

    lol. whats the capital of kentucky?

  6. harry8876


  7. ruthrose8

    harry i found a coffe news guy on talk

  8. Tanuki I

    harry, i changed to yahoo too. just letting ya know. edit this comment to see.

  9. tijopi11

    Tanuki: This site is ad protected (I think). I don’t care if you visit BB’s site.

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