1/5 done!

well, i have 1/5 done of my EOG testing!  now i have the math….. its soo boring

i fell asleep >.<  but my teacher let us, so yah.


welllllllllllllll my bro is turning 13 on… this week lol

so he’s having a huge party it will be so awesome



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4 responses to “1/5 done!

  1. Tanuki I

    sweet! turning 13 is pretty fun. :”P

  2. tijopi11

    Hey thx harry! ( coment from my site to help with my blog) U can be a helper guy like beetleblues site if u want! Just tell me how! 😉

  3. harry8876

    ok tijopi

  4. Tanuki I

    harry, you will have to sign up for raccoon land again if you want to be a tester.

    if not, just ignore or delete this message.

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