My army will be called the Ninja Monkeys. If you want to join, just comment below or email me.

Here is the outfit for boys members:

Black Sweatshirt

Hockey Stick


Black Sneakers

Green Ball Cap

Girls Members Outfits:

Green Sweatshirt

Hockey Stick

Golf Cap


Trendy Sunglasses

Boys Non-Members outfits

 Pirate Bandanna (head item)

western Red bandana (neck item)

Pirate Eyepatch

Boots  (from Rockhopper)

Girls Non-Members


Our meetings wil be every tuesday @ 4:00 pst @the snow forts  Half Pipe

Leader: Harry 8876

Co Leader: Lunineopets

Spy: meme454 (vital5)

Spy: Zack

Soilder: Tanuki I

Soilder: Polar Peng95






22 responses to “Army

  1. Tanuki I

    *TIP*: Bolden words like “Clothes for Boys” so it’s easier to see.

    Sure I’ll join. I’m already in some other armies, but I’m sure it’s OK with you.

    Just in case here are my other armies:
    Koo Army
    WW (Watex Warriors)

  2. harry8876

    ok cool- wanna be the co leader? and im also in the koo army, and ill bold it 🙂

  3. Tanuki I

    can i just be a soldier?

    p.s. looks much better!

  4. vital (cpname vital5)

    can i join i have everthing exept the black sweatshirt i have blue

  5. harry8876

    to vital: what do you want to be?

  6. cheat11

    My army is the red dragons squad (RDS) if you want to join go to and coment or email me at .

  7. vital (cpname vital5)

    porberly spy because im in safe chat mode also the penguin name will be meme454
    Harry: Wait- is your CP name vital5 or meme454?

  8. vital (cpname vital5)


  9. vital (cpname vital5)

    can you give me the password for the unwanted account page please
    Harry: I will if you get on my chat soon. I don’t want to just give it away on a comment. And, when I do give you the password, you have to promise that you will not ban ANY of them.

  10. can i be a soldier i like to kill!!!!!!!!

  11. harry whats your email edress so i can give you my account
    ps my peng is so cool

  12. well. :] nice army lol ^_^
    could i be thee co-leader? ty =]

  13. I want to be a spy plz

  14. ruthrose8

    can i be a spy plz plz plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!

  15. harry8876

    well, ruth, all the spy spots r filled. sorry, ill maybe add 1 more

  16. 2008sarah

    ooh can i join? only thing is i didn’t becaume a member till febuary so i don’t have all the girls stuff so can i still join?

  17. Do u wana be friends with my army.
    Note:Army name changed to CPSS.

  18. Mdmarvel

    Sorry man I am already a member of another army calledTHE CYBERSQUAD CLUB PENGUIN ARMY

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