January 1, 2008


That’s to you Tanuki i- lol jk


27 responses to “COWS

  1. ct101

    Nice cow page!!!!

  2. Tanuki I

    beef… yum…. lol.

  3. harry8876


  4. Tanuki I

    Hee hee. Everyone likes different things you know. While I like eating cow meat, you seem to like taking pictures of cows and posting them on your blog. Plus my favorite animal is raccoons. Oh man they PWN!

  5. harry8876

    lol good point- but i just love cows, they are aweosme 😀

  6. Tanuki I

    Yeah they are, I can’t live without them- MEAT! MILK! WHATEVER ELSE!

  7. harry8876

    i only like the milk for the drink- i like the meat alot, (wierd lol) but i just think cows r sooo cute!

  8. Power to the cows :mrgreen:
    I don’t eat cows or their brethern. In other words, im a vegetarian :mrgreen: not a hippy tho 😆

  9. Pear24 aka The Awesome One!

    Cows are like over sized fish, except different.

  10. u did that with chickens and ducks too pear. lol…

  11. ruthrose8

    i like tigers save the tigers!!!!!and cows they give milk choclate milk and reguler theryre cool!

  12. frosty1297

    ever seen cows with guns. i have. MWa hahahaa

  13. shonnie

    cows pown the world i like eating them and taking pics of them

  14. polarpeng95

    Wow so many cows all see is cows!
    Woo Hoo!
    Cows rock.

  15. frosty1297

    I think SOMEONE here likes cows. idk….

  16. harry8876

    did you know that in india they WORSHIP the cow??????? cows are a god there!!!!!

  17. worship can be a scary thing sometimes, you’d be surprise. Some people worship llamas, or alpacas (sprenz…) lolz jk :mrgreen:

  18. Tanuki I

    i dont wanna be ruled by a cow… 😮

  19. Tanuki I

    if somehow all the cows out there got together and formed a secret group, not even noticed my farmers and hunters, they can probably rule over the entire world… nah.

  20. Mdmarvel

    Yo why are there so many cows here?

  21. wow nice pics mooooooooo

  22. Doo Fling

    OH I have a pic of a cow. as long as you don’t mind photos of my sister on hered (not JK)

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