CT101 page!

MY BFF!  (in second place like almostly almosy tied with my BFF Emily.)

CT101 is a very old penguin.  i don’t know how exactly old she is, (in penguin days,) but she still is old.  she is my really super really super super super SUPER good friend that i can trust.  i made this page just for her (also cuz i felt like it) and ct101, if ur lookin at this page right now, i said yo.  like i always say @ school.  YO!  now this page is obviously mostly about her cuz she’s awesome.  lol.




2 responses to “CT101 page!

  1. Tanuki I

    hehe her penguin is cool. i got to use it for a while until the password changed. =\ 😛

  2. Mdmarvel

    Yo I always say it in club penguin

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