Nub Club

 Join the Nub Club!  NUB NUB NUB hehe. If you would like to join THE NUB CLUB, then just contact me.


Members- Harry 8876

Polar Peng95

Tanuki I





You might need this


Use that link above, get on Cp, go to like the town, click on the white under the chat bar, and you should be nubbing!




13 responses to “Nub Club

  1. harry8876

    hehe- wanna join?

  2. ok i guess i can join 😉

  3. Can i join ❓ .
    Harry: Yes, anyone can join!

  4. I’d join but on a Mac you can’t nub.

  5. I just figured out how to nub on a Mac. It took over a year but I now know! So I’d like to join.

  6. 2008sarah

    can i join i figured out how to nub on my own and THEN i found a bunch of cheat site that tell u how so cani join?

  7. Ruthrose8

    can i join ppppppppplllllllzzz

  8. Doo Fling

    WHAT? LUVINEOPETS? SHE’S BACK??? (the caps are on perpos) but… weird

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