Do you want to meet in cp?

Comment below if you want to meet me in Club Penguin or something. 


Server:Mammoth (america)

Where:Ice Rink

When:Tuesday, January 1st 1:00PST

My username:Bob 123 


Waddle on,



6 responses to “Do you want to meet in cp?

  1. vital (cpname vital5)

    sever:snowy river astalia
    where:ice berg
    when:saturday january 12th 7:11 pst
    my username:bob 123
    i met beetule blue

  2. wow this page looks just like mine…….

  3. and not just the page but the page name.

  4. harry8876

    srry ill change it

  5. pingpongpen6

    it’s pingpongpen6 here… hello ‘
    i got the message with your comment
    i really like your site 🙂

    anyways… i’m going to put that second mods picture on my site if thats okay, and saying its from harry8876 if its okay

    thanks harry8876

  6. Mdmarvel

    Server:Brumby(Australian Server)
    Where:Ice Rink
    When:Friday May 2,2008 10:00PST
    My Username:Mdmarvel

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