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My Membership

My Membership expires in 2 days.  😦  but lucky me, im just in time for the new catalog.  and tanuki, now im son gonna be with you in non-members. 



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New Theme + I Am Back!

So there is a new theme on WordPress. I noticed it before this post actually coming out, but I wasn’t sure if it really was a new theme. Well now I know it’s a new theme so yay! Go here for the official post from Matt:

The other news is that I am back, meaning I have another WordPress site. Sorry for this advertisement, but it’s: You don’t really have to visit it, but just letting you know that I have a homepage.

Rockhopper’s ship is badly damaged now if you look through the telescope in the Beacon. It’s actually lying on the water.

That’s all for now,

Tanuki I

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The Winners

Here r the winners of the dance contest- (sprenz’s dance contest)

POW Winners-

Me and Tanuki I




POW Winners-




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3 mods

Highlite>>>>> these r three mods.  im pretty sure that the 1 in the middle for both pics is rsnail, but idk about the other 2. i think there gizmo and billybob.

his chatbox is


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More Cows!

There are more cows on the cow page!! tanukii, theres a special surprise there for  the last 1 is a bull, cow, same thing. 

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Highlite!!! :)

Highlite>>>>> this is fun!!! im trying this out to see if it works. i liked how bb did it. 😉 i cant see what im writing though,

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My Meebo


Well, if you can’t really ever get on my xat, then no problem!!!  I’m usually on my meebo, which youll see as one of my widgets.  So, i’m on right now, when im ttyping this. lol. 

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