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Today at the Dojo on the server Mammoth, there was a flying party. If you come on club penguin tomorrow at 4 pm on penguin time on the server belly slide third flag, kooball will have a party! Hope you can come!




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March Catalog

The March Catalog is here! There are a lot of items being brought back, but a few new ones have been made. Lets take a look:



This item is all new! It is pot of gold which goes around your hand. Similar to the pumpkin basket in October.


The brown fedora hat is being re-sold. It came out quite a while ago, but Cp has finally brought them back. Make sure to get them because they’re pretty rare.


This may shock you, but it’s quite true. The blue and red sunglasses have returned. These are basically as rare as the hat above.



Click the white admiral jacket for the green snorcle. Same as last time.


Click the pearl necklase for the red viking helmet. Do it a total of 4 times for the blue viking helmet.



There are two brand new backgrounds. These are the bamboo forest and the sunflower ones. Make sure to get them because they don’t come back back for a while once they’re gone!

Since I’m on my other computer without spell check, I may have spelled a few, OK a lot of words incorrecly. Please just ignore them like they are spelled correctly. In the morning I will go over each word for errors. Thanks for your patience.

Tanuki I


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News Paper

The news paper has been released late last night. Here are some of the important updates:

rh w

It talks about Rockhopper and the ship construction. The construction should start soon so be watching out!


Then it talks about the book in the Book Room being delayed. I don’t really care because I never actually read any of them. It also said that there was an older kid version and a little kid version so that any age can enjoy.


Be watching out in the Sport Catalog because the new “Gray Fish Catching Item” will be coming out!


Well here are the events. Sorry I was too lazy to rewrite them. Just makes my job easy!

Well that’s about it! Lots of new stuff are coming out in CP so March should be a good month. Cya!!!

Tanuki I


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Aqua Grabber

Harry hasn’t posted for some reason so I will post the news. The new Aqua Grabber has been released! It’s pretty fun. You have to recover all of Rockhopper’s ship parts. Here are some snap shots and tips.

-The submarine looks cool.

-If you manage to collect all of the parts you will be rewarded with a Gold Wheel pin.

-If you start to run out of air, go to the nearest surface or air bubble.

Other tips:

-You don’t get water in your sub unless you move.
-There are 5 parts in all to collect.
-You have 2 lives to start out with. Game over when you loose both.

Tanuki I

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New Newspaper & Not-so-new Author

Hey everyone!

First off, I’m Sprenz.  Some of you might not know me, but anyone who has been to BB’s blog knows me there as another author (I’m so famous)  So now I have two blogs to help with. Actually i have been working on this blog for about a month, but I’ve been to lazy to introduce myself :lol .

Second, the new newspaper came out yesterday.  To see it without having to log on you can go to

Until next time, au revoir!


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New Theme + I Am Back!

So there is a new theme on WordPress. I noticed it before this post actually coming out, but I wasn’t sure if it really was a new theme. Well now I know it’s a new theme so yay! Go here for the official post from Matt:

The other news is that I am back, meaning I have another WordPress site. Sorry for this advertisement, but it’s: You don’t really have to visit it, but just letting you know that I have a homepage.

Rockhopper’s ship is badly damaged now if you look through the telescope in the Beacon. It’s actually lying on the water.

That’s all for now,

Tanuki I

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Some Answers

Here are the answers to some of the questions I asked Club Penguin. Don’t mind the last part because that’s about unbanning Tundra monk.

Hi there,

Thanks for your great questions!

1. The second exit from the Stage is hidden behind one of the curtains. It is only necessary to use for the biggest productions at the Stage!

(Why does the Stage have two entries and only one exit?)

2. Club Penguin is positioned in such a unique location that trees are able to grow freely! It’s very exciting for penguins as trees always provide a more interesting environment.

(How come the South Pole can grow trees?)

3. Before Captain Rockhopper returned from his initial and very lengthy voyage from Club Penguin, the Beacon was never used. It wasn’t until word of his return reached Club Penguin that penguins worked together to provide a light for him to return home. It would have been almost impossible for him to make out the island of Club Penguin in comparison to all the others without the help of the Lighthouse.

(Why does Club Penguin have a lighthouse when there is no night?)

Unfortunately, we are unable to discuss penguin accounts that are not directly related to yours. We do appreciate your concern though.

Please feel free to respond with any further questions, concerns or ideas. We are happy to help!


Club Penguin Support

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